Hero's Journey I: The First Step

Hero's Journey I is an old school adventure RPG. Visually it mimics JRPGs from the 90's with gameplay similar to PC point and click adventures of that era.


You grew up on stories of unlikely men and women rising to the challenge and becoming mighty heroes. They inspired you as you grew up and helped guide your life. Besides that, they got all the hot lovers. You want some of that action. You want to be famous! You want to be powerful! You want hot people to throw their used undergarments in your general direction with wild abandon! Now if only you had any real skill at being a hero...


- Interesting NPCs with problems that NPCs never seem to be able to solve on their own!

- Day and night cycle, just like real life, but better!

- Multiple solutions to problems, with multiple outcomes. 

- Single player, so you need never play with other people!

- Once you complete the game, save your character and import it in future sequels! 



Choose one of three classic classes, each with their own ways of solving puzzles and influencing the story.




Explore the town of Talburg, where locals are friendly, if a bit silly at times.




Meet strange creatures. Some are friendly, others deadly, many both. 




Can you save the town of Talburg before it's too late? Or will you just be another hero in training that didn't make it?

Have a question that needs a hero's answer? Ask our heroes in training!

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