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Sandra asks: 

Hi heroes! I like your stuff! I have a question. I'm in an adventuring group and everyone likes to be the hero but sometimes we get in each others' way. Do you have any tips for working in groups?



A hearty band of friends at your side is one of the greatest things a hero can have! A compassionate healer can keep you fighting when your wounds seem too heavy! A powerful wizard can turn the tide against magical foes that your weapons cannot harm! A bard can... provide moral support! A great hero can forge his team's disparate talents into a powerful force for good! Just remember to work together! Share your loot! Be willing to take that hit for the cleric! Laugh at the bard's lame jokes! You can succeed through teamwork! (Also... don't trust the rogues unless you're SURE they're of the 'heart of gold' variety.)


That is an excellent question! I have been in many a situation where I am adventuring with a group of fellow heroes who are inexperienced, uncooperative or just plain stupid. I remember one time I was telling this one fellow who had just picked up a magical necklace that he really shouldn't put it on until we get a wizard to take a look at it first, just in case it is cursed. He put it on anyway and on the upside, we immeadiately found out what it was. Unfortunately it turned out to be a cursed necklace of strangulation and that fellow is no longer with us. The key lesson to take away from that (other than not experimenting with strange magical artifacts without taking some precautions first) is when you are working in a group of people, listen to your team mates. 


When you are working in a group, each member typically has a unique set of skills and experiences to contribute. It is really easy to get caught up in being a hero and forget that. When you are in a group, it is no longer just about you. It is about the group. If you die or are injured because you decided you can handle something you know nothing about, you aren't just hurting yourself. You are hurting the group as a whole!


Now I am not saying that it is particularly easy to get into this mindset (particularly if the others are not cooperating). It is a skill. And like any skill, it will improve with practice. Try to listen to what the others are saying. Rely on the advice of others and they will slowly start to do the same with you.


And if they don't, well I am sure there is a necklace of strangulation with their name on it somewhere.


Best of luck!


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