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Anna asks: 

You two make hero work look so easy, but I can't seem to find any. My question is in this economic climate, how do you find work?


Are you kidding? A poor economy is EXACTLY when heroes are most necessary. When people are broke and starving, that's when evil villainy starts to look pretty attractive! Why, banditry positively explodes, shysters multiply, and even animals become more aggressive! (How else can you account for the wild roving packs of animals attacking everyone between towns? Rabbits don't do that in a thriving capitalist environment!) And that's why heroes are needed! Someone has to take out all those evil-doers! And in this economic climate, it just makes sense!


To be honest, the types of people that are affected by a poor economy are not the type of people that are going to be signing your pay check. Rich people are always going to be rich and they get richer no matter what the economy and they will always pay you to return their loved ones (unless they don't like those loved ones). Ancient tombs are not going to suddenly lose their treasures because poor people suddenly can't balance their checkbooks. Dragon hordes won't suddenly begin drying up because of the bursting of some housing bubble.


As dangerous a job as heroing is, it is also one of the most steady, at least once you get your name out there. The problem is getting your name out there to begin with when you are still a nameless nobody. The way you do that is to just go out there and seize a job! Don't wait for someone to hire you to defeat the vampire lord. Go out and shove a wooden stake in his pasty, undead heart right now! People will take notice. Even if they don't, you could probably loot his old castle for a few gold, or even take it up as your new hero lair. Get a few of those kinds of jobs under your belt, and the jobs will come and find you, I guarantee it. 


Happy job hunting!


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