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REELYNotGygax asks:

How do you know if you are a hero?


Heroism isn't a vocation! It's a calling! No, not just any Joe Warrior or Sally Sorceress can call themselves a hero! You'll know you're a hero when your very being cries out for you to bring punishment to evil, to defend the innocent from darkness, to wear badass armor and go around looting items from ancient dungeons! If you know in your heart you are a hero, then go forth and make it so! But be sure, for it is not a path for the faint-hearted! Danger lurks at every turn, and peril waits insidiously in cul-de-sacs! You must be prepared to fight the worst, perhaps with naught but your trusty blade at your side. It has been said that fools rush in where angels fear to tread. Well, just call me Mr. Fool, because I'm charging into that evil lair, mister, and a hero doesn't stop swinging until every bad guy lies fallen at my feet.... or at least sincerely apologizes! That'll show those coward angels!


That's a tough one. When I first got into the Hero business, it was just that: a business. I was paid to get rid of bandits, trolls, door to door bible salesmen or whatever other evil threats might threaten the peace of a town. I worked with many people along the way. Some died. Some decided that life wasn't for them and retired to a more peaceful life of farming. The most disturbing of the bunch actually ended up using their skills to become villains themselves! 


So many people see heroes and think, "Wow! That is such an amazing and glamorous life!" And well it is. I am not going to lie, it is pretty amazing. I have had kings give me their daughters (though I would prefer to be given a son once in a while...), high priests give me blessings from the gods, and bards sing tales of my prowess. How can you not love that?


Glory is great and all, but that only comes after. After years of physical training. After sleeping outside more often than in a warm bed. After slogging through hellish dungeons with smells you wouldn't believe. After watching countless friends die. After nearly being cut down on more occasions than you can count. Glory is a fine payment, but it is a payment for a very hard life.


So you ask, how do you know if you are a hero? You are a hero when your actions allow the weak to live in peace.You are a hero when people are thankful for the job you do for them. Most importantly, you are a hero when you are willing to place others before yourself. 


Of course, no one can be a hero on an empty stomach, so be sure you get paid. You're a hero, not a saint.

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