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Martin asks:

What are your thoughts on magic items? Are they strictly necessary or something to be avoided? And what sort of magic items would you recommend to keep an eye out for?

Magic items? Of course you need magic items! The bigger the better! And I don't mean fiddling little trinkets with 'Resistance to status effects.' Useless, ignore them. No, sir, what a hero really needs is his trusty magic sword! A mighty weapon is necessary for the most dastardly of dangerous dungeons! After all, the best defense is a good offense! And the best offense is a good offense! Just be careful to avoid talking swords. They're always so eager to share their advice in battle. But where are the previous owners of all those chatty blades? Dead! Don't trust 'em!

Are magic items strictly necessary? I don't know... would you ask a carpenter if his hammer is strictly necessary? Sure technically he could use a rock to hammer in nails, but that hammer sure makes life a lot easier. The same goes for magic items.


Now most heroes will tell you to get your hands on a magical weapon, and that is a perfectly logical piece of advice given the amount of combat your typical hero finds himself in. However, I think such logic is short-sighted. For example, once you have slain an evil dragon, one is usually faced with the quandry of how to take home its fabulous treasure horde, which often includes magical weaponry. Do you want to try and figure out what the most valuable bits are to take home with you, or do you want to just shove it all into a bag of extra dimensional heaven and call it a day?


This is why I say that the one piece of magical equipment that no hero can be without is magical storage of any kind. Once you have that, any other goodies you find will be easily at your fingertips. Even if you aren't transporting fabulous treasures, it can be useful for more mundane gear like rope, tents, food and the occasional mouthy prince or princess. 


Hope that helps!


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