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Our attention to service and quality is unparalleled because we offer none. We are here to make games, not pamper you. Just look at this website for example. It was just thrown together by a drunken homeless web-developer we found on the street and paid five bucks make. He will probably just spend it on booze or crack. Whatever your expectations, we constantly strive to ignore them and make games that we would enjoy playing. If it just so happens that you enjoy them too, you have good taste and we appreciate your company.


Want to know more about us? What is your problem? We told you, we make video games. Play them if you like and give us your money so we can make more. If you are really that interested in us (heaven knows why), click the button below to check out our current projects.



<8/30/2015> Check out our contest section for details about our Halloween Writing Contest!

<8/26/15> For those of you curious what the grand prize looked like, check out the Contests section.

<8/14/15>  And a winner has been selected for the Super Short Story Contest! Congrats to our winner and please try again to everyone else!

<8/11/15> We are still sorting through the submissions for the Super Short Story Contest. Thanks for all of your submissions! We will be notifying the winner shortly...

<6/10/15> Sorry that we have been busy with the game development as of late and haven't been able to get any new Ask a Hero answers out. However, we do have a Super Short Story Contest starting now. Send us your entries and you might win the coveted Hero's Medal!

<5/9/15> Working in a team: is it all it is cracked up to be? Ask a Hero explores that question!

<5/2/15> Looking for work? Ask a Hero tackles the important question of how to find a job in this uncertain economy.

<4/25/15> Are you a hero? How do you know? Ask a Hero discusses! 

<4/19/15> Today's Ask a Hero asks: How do you defeat a villain who is much stronger than you?

<4/11/15> New Ask a Hero. Today we answer the question: Are magic items necessary for heroes?

<4/6/15> Our latest edition of Ask a Hero is live. Here we delve into the question of why evil lairs always seem to fall appart when their evil masters perish.

<4/1/15> Our first edition of Ask a Hero has been posted. Our heroes are rather bored while they wait for the game to be finished, so feel free to ask them as many questions as you like. They need to earn their keep. 

<4/1/15> Added a new Ask a Hero section to the Hero's Journey. There you can ask any questions you like to our resident heroes, John and Mary. Are you stuck in a party of ne'er-do-wells and wish to figure out how to convince them not to kill every villager they come across? Ask a Hero. Are you surrounded by orcs and need to find the best way to not be skewered by a barrage of incoming arrows? Ask a Hero! Are you bored and just want to see if our Heroes will take your lame question seriously? ASK A HERO!

<3/31/15> Hero's Journey currently has no release date, as our code-monkeys work tirelessly to put things together. In retrospect, perhaps we should have hired code-humans instead, but we are assured that the code-monkeys can get the job done.

<3/30/15> Akamaru Games' website goes live! 

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